Health communication is a relatively new and multidisciplinary field, which includes the study and use of communication to inform and affect decision making at the individual and community level in order to improve the quality of healthcare. Effective communication is essential in all aspects of health care, including promotion, disease prevention, and management.

The Institute of Communication and Health (ICH) explores the field of communication sciences for both theoretical and applied research aimed at the preservation and development of individual health.  In addition, ICH uses social and corporate programs to promote overall wellness through social policy development and local health initiatives.

The Institute bases its research on the interdisciplinary integration between the humanistic tradition and the social sciences. This strategy is the basis for a quality approach in the studies of the health sector with both conceptual and empirical implications.

Additionally the ICH offers a Master in Communication, Management and Health in collaboration with Virginia Tech University (Blacksburg, Virginia, USA) and a joint Master's programme in Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication with Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan.

The ICH currently is staffed with 33 members, including professors, researchers, PhD students and scientific collaborators.