Many ICH abstracts accepted at EACH

We are glad to announce that many ICH abstracts have been accepted at EACH, the International conference on communication in healthcare, to be held in Amsterdam from 28 September until 1 October 2014.

  • Anne-Linda Camerini: Cultural differences in predicting patient involvement in doctor-patient consultation: Insights from Switzerland and Northern-Italy


  • Nicola Diviani: Health literacy and desire for autonomy in the interaction between physicians and obstinate pain patients.

  • Nicola Diviani: The role of health literacy in the judgment of online health information: a systematic review

  • Marta Fadda: Assessing health literacy in an Arabic-speaking country: preliminary results

  • Evi Germeni: "Stamped with an expiration date?": Experiences and needs of less socio-economically privileged family cancer caregivers

  • Nanon Labrie: General Practitioners' Use of Argumentation to Support Treatment Recommendations: Effects on Patients' Perceptions and Intentions

  • Sarah Mantwill: Relationship of Health Literacy and Medication Costs in a Sample of Diabetic Patients in Switzerland

  • Sarah Mantwill: Health Literacy in China - Validation of a Functional Health Literacy Test in Simplified Chinese

  • Lilla Nafradi Examining the relationship between empowerment and adherence to therapeutic regimen: Potential pitfalls of patient-centeredness?

  • Silvia Riva and Anne-Linda Camerini: Effectiveness of an internet-based intervention for people with chronic back pain (cBP): a randomized controlled study.

  • Fabia Rothenfluh: Toward a grounded conceptualization of medical error disclosure competence (MEDC)