ICH papers accepted at ICA conference

We are glad to announce that many ICH abstracts have been accepted at the International Communication Association Conference to be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico (21st-25th May 2015)

  • Camerini, A.L., Jeannet, A.M., & Schulz, P.J. (2015). Children's Media Use and Socio-Cognitive Development: A Matter of Social Disparities? 
  • Lilla Nafradi (2015) Message framing tailored to the patients' regulatory focus as a tool to promote medication adherence
  • Gabriele Sak & Fabia Rothenfluh (2015) More Informed, More Involved: The Roles of Psychological Empowerment and Health Literacy for Older Patients' Participation in Health Care
  • Costanze Rossmann, Lisa Meyer, Peter J. Schulz (2015) The Mediated Amplification of a Crisis. Communicating A/H1N1 in European Press Releases and Press Coverage