ICH papers accepted at the International Conference on Communication in Healthcare

We are glad to announce that a number of papers have been accepted at ICCH, International Conference on Communication in Healthcare to be held in New Orleans October 25-28, 2015.


  • Elisa Galimberti. Psychological factors influencing medications' adherence in patients suffering from anxiety disorders: the role of mental health literacy, health locus of control, self-efficacy and clinical insight


  • Elisa Galimberti. Measuring medications' adherence in anxiety disorders: patients' Vs psychiatrists' perspective


  • Evi Germeni. Reconstructing normality following the diagnosis of a childhood chronic disease: Does "rare" make a difference?


  • Marta Fadda, Ahmed Allam, Peter J Schulz. Online debates on pediatric vaccinations: Exploring the arguments and sources of information on Italian forums through content analysis (poster presentation)


  • Marta Fadda, Elisa Galimberti, Peter J Schulz. Towards the development of a psychological empowerment scale in the context of the MMR vaccination decision making. Results from a focus group study.


  • Ramona Ludolph, Nanon Labrie and Peter Schulz. The Perceived Persuasiveness of Arguments Supporting the Age-Thresholds for Breast Cancer Screening: Studying the Impact of Micro-Cultural Differences among Young Swiss Women


  • Ramona Ludolph. The Taming of the Shrew? A systematic review of debiasing interventions in the context of medical and health-related judgment and decision-making.


  • Ramona Ludolph. Can we stop people's flying blind on the web? Investigating the role of cognitive biases during consumers' online health information search via a general search engine.


  • Lilla Nafradi. The (side) effects of patient empowerment on medication adherence: a systematic review.


  • Fabia Rothenfluh. Young Parents' Use of Online Review Information


  • Gabriele Sak. More Informed, More Involved: The Roles of Psychological Empowerment and Health Literacy for Older Patients' Participation in Health Care