ICH's Research Colloquia 2008


Date Speaker Topic Slides
16.12.08 Dr. Chris McIntyre, Lugano Support for Health Policy Measures for Addressing Childhood Obesity and Physical Inactivity in the European Union  
18.11.08 Daria Gianella, University of Fribourg

Santé publique et culture familiale de la santé mentale

14.10.08 Prof. Dr. Daniel Scheidegger, Basel Risk Management in Medicine  
7.10.08 Prof. Dr. Gary Kreps, George Mason University Milestones in Health Communication Research  
24.6.08 Dr. Angelo Tomada, ICH Acceptance of Smoking ban among restaurant owners  
11.6.08 Prof. Dr. Adrian Bangerter, Neuchâtel Diffusion of popular beliefs: The case of the Mozart Effect  
20.5.08 Dr. Pascal Gygax, Fribourg

The representation of gender in language

1.4.08 Dr. Maddalena Fiordelli, ICH Smoking Ban on the Media  
4.3.08 Dr. Maria Caiata-Zuffrey, ICH Doctor-Patient in the Information Age  
19.2.08 Carmen Faustinelli, ICH Health Literacy and Stress  

Prof. Dr. Heinz Bonfadelli, University Zurich

Media usage and effects in the health domain  
22.1.08 Dr. Giovanni Zavaritt, USI Media coverage of Political Elections in Italy  
9.1.08 Prof. Dr. Wolf Langewitz, University Basel How To Break Bad News – The Patient’s Perspective