ICH's Research Colloquia 2009


Date Speaker Topic Slides
24.11.09 Dr. Sabrina Piccinini

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17.11.09 Prof. Dr. Marianne Schmid-Mast Physician communication style and patient satisfaction: the Importance of Physician gender ppt
3.11.09 Dr. Serafina Zurbriggen Information search in the decision making process pptx
20.10.09 Michel Schneider, ICH
Direct-to-consumer advertising and empowerment in the case of anxiety pdf
9.10.09 Prof. Dr. Theresa Thompson
Healthcare communication from a point of view of a journal editor  
29.9.09 Prof. Dr. Constanze Rossmann Learning from each other. Integrating health psychology and communication science for a better understanding of health behavior pptx
30.6.09 Klazine v.der Horzt, ETHZ Environmental Determinants of Childhood Obesity  
9.6.09 Prof. Dr. Michael Siegrist, ETHZ The impact of various presentation formats on lay people's risk perception  
12.5.09 Anke Dunkel, ICH Cultural factors in Organ Donation  
21.4.09 Prof. Dr. Uwe Hartung, ICH Opinion Change on the Smoking Ban in Ticino  
7.4.09 Prof. Dr. Peter J. Schulz, ICH Health Literacy and Empowerment  
31.3.09 Dr. Francesca Pallotti Where Do Institutional Fields Come From? A story of three Mechanisms  
17.3.09 Dr. Anne Mannion, University London Validation Studies in the field of Chronic Low Back Pain  
10.3.09 Simone Keller, ICH Risk Communication in the field of EMF  
24.2.09 Prof. Dr. Paul Crawford, University Nottingham Narratives of Mental Health ppt
10.2.09 Nicola Diviani, ICH Cancer and Health Literacy -Establishing a concept of cancer literacy  
27.1.09 Prof. Dr. Miriam Locher, Basilea Health on the Web  
Lugano-Munich Workshop
Date Speaker


20.3.09 Prof. Dr. Hans-Bernd Brosius Exemplification Research in Communication  pdf
20.3.09 Olaf Jandura & Hans-Bernd Brosius The influence of response sets on the result and quality of mutivariant analyses  pdf
20.3.09 Prof. Dr. Constanze Rossman Searching for the Couch Potatoe  pdf
Lugano-Geneva Workshop
Date Speaker Topic Slides
12.11.09 Marco Boneschi, Michele Giacobazzi, ICH Oneself - Using Online Strategiesto Enhance Information and Social Supportfor Self-Managementof Chronic Rheumatic Diseases  pdf 
12.11.09 Dr. Christine Cedraschi, Multidisciplinary Pain Center, Geneva

Patients’ representations and antidepressant prescription in chronic pain patients:a typical case for non-congruence?