ICH's Research Colloquia 2012






November, 5th 2012 Prof. Michaela Liuccio, Università La Sapienza, Roma
Young people and health: the project "Chiediloqui"  
October, 22nd 2012 Dr. Evi Germeni, USI Health information-seeking across the cancer patient journey: A meta-synthesis of the qualitative literature  
October, 15th 2012 Dr. Maddalena Fiordelli & Dr. Nicola Diviani Mapping M-Health: A Decade of Evolution  

July, 2nd 2012

Prof. Alessandro Antonietti, Università Cattolica, Milan

Inferring Other People's Intentions in Communication: The Role of Intuitive Cues


July, 2012

Dr. Robyn Woodward-Kron, University of Merlboure Communicating healthcare information in the age of www.  

June, 11th 2012

Ahmed Allam, USI

Custom Search: Between Bad Literacy and Guided Navigation.


May, 7th 2012

Dr. Evi Germeni, USI

 The effect of health communication messages on road traffic injury prevention


April, 16th 2012

Dr. Annegret Hannawa, USI

The ICH Research Area IV: Communicating Medical Errors


April, 2nd 2012

Anne-Linda Frisch, USI

Health Literacy and Psychological Empowerment: Model Validation in the Context of Chronic Low Back Pain (cLBP)


March, 26th 2012

Dr. Melanie Connor, USI

Functional Health Literacy in Switzerland - Validation of a German, Italian, and French Health Literacy Test


March, 12th 2012

Nanon H.M. Labrie, USI

The challenges and opportunities of conducting a systematic literature review in the field of doctor-patient communication


January, 23rd 2012

Dr. Mauro Manconi, Ospedale Civico Lugano

Measuring the error in sleep estimation in normal subjects and in patients with insomnia