ICH's Research Colloquia 2013



Presentation Title


March, 25th 2013 Dr. Gerald Hickson, National Patient Safety Foundation Promoting Professional Accountability: Dealing with Behaviors that  Undermine a Culture of Safety  
June, 24th 2013 Prof. Klaus Hurrelmann, Hertie School of Governance Health inequalities  
June, 26th 2013 Sarah Mantwill and Laura Sefaj, Università della Svizzera italiana Perception of back pain and psychosocial pressure at the workplace in the context of migration  
July, 15th 2013 Rebecca Amati, Università della Svizzera italiana Optical Medical Care: Does Communication matter?  
July, 15th 2013 Ezgi Eyüboglu, Maltepe University Health Literacy and Empowerment in a Turkish sample  
September, 9th  2013 Carissa Bonner, University of Sydney Decision making and risk communication in cardiovascular disease prevention  
September, 23rd 2013 Dr. Miriam Depping, Università della Svizzera italiana Decision making across the life span: The role of motivation  
October, 10th 2013 Mark Merolli, University of Melbourne Developing a Framework to Generate Evidence of Health Outcomes from Social Media Use in Chronic Disease Management  
October, 28th 2013 Ana Maria Moreno Londono, Università della Svizzera italiana Judgment skills, a missing component in health literacy: Development and validation of a tool for asthma patients  
November, 11th 2013 Prof. Clelia Di Serio, Università Vita Salute San Raffaele Potential and Pitfalls of the Use of Biomarkers: A Statistical Perspective  
November, 18th 2013 Prof. Angela Chang, University of Macau Evidence on the extent of food advertising and product availability as a result of unhealthy environment  
December, 2nd 2013 Francesca Scalici, Università della Svizzera italiana Smoking social norms and middle school adolescents tobacco consumption in the Italian region of Switzerland  
December, 9th  2013 Dr. Nanon Labrie, Università della Svizzera italiana The effects of general practitioners' use of reasonable argumentation to support their treatment advice: Results of an experimental study using video-vignettes