ICH's Research Colloquia 2015



Presentation Title

February, 9th 2015 Dr. Boris Wernli, FORS

The Swiss Household Panel: a new perspective for health and information technology studies

February, 23rd 2015 Ramona Ludolph, Università della Svizzera italiana   Turning availability bias to good account: Increasing the efficacy of high-quality information about vaccination by manipulating Google
March, 2nd 2015 Dr. Nanon Labrie, Università della Svizzera italiana   Increasing Compliance with Mammography-Screening Recommendations among Young Women in Switzerland: Exploring the Influence of Micro-Cultural Differences on Knowledge, Attitudes, and Breast Cancer Screening Practices   
 March,9th  2015 Lilla Nafradi, Università della Svizzera italiana  A systematic review about the relationship between patient empowerment and medication adherence  
April, 27th 2015 Dr. Maddalena Fiordelli, Università della Svizzera italiana
Addressing Social Isolation in Nursing Homes' Residents by means of Mobile Communication Technology
May, 18th 2015 Dr. Bethan Benwell, University of Stirling
Being a 'legitimate' complainer: Identity work and affiliation in telephone complaints to the National Health Service
June, 8th 2015
Sarah Mantwill, Università della Svizzera italiana
Linking Health Literacy and Health Disparities: Conceptual Implications and Empirical Results  
June, 8th 2015 Dr. Rukhsana Ahmed, University of Ottawa    
July, 15 th 2015 Dr. Ling Chen, Hong Kong Baptist University    
September, 7th  2015 Dr. Elisa Galimberti, Università della Svizzera italiana  Medication Adherence in Anxiety Disorders
September, 28th 2015 Dr. Nanon Labrie, Università della Svizzera italiana
Priming Young Women's Decisions to Engage in Breast Screening: Design of a Theory-Driven Experiment Using Scripted Video-Vignettes  
November, 9th 2015
Marta Fadda, Università della Svizzera italiana Development and content validation of a psychological empowerment scale in the decision-making on childhood vaccinations