ICH papers accepted in a number of conferences

The ICH is pleased to announce that a consistent number of papers of ICH members have been accepted in different conferences.

In the following lines, you may find more details.

 Sleepless risks. Decisions of insomnia patients' from Arthur Dubowicz got accepted for an oral presentation at the SRA Europe conference at the ETH Zurich in June 2012.

The paper 'Expanding health literacy measures for judgment skills' from Arthur Dubowicz got accepted for a poster presentation at the EACH conference in St. Andrews in September 2012.

An expert discussion panel has been accepted at EACH entitled "The Dark Side of Doctor-Patient Interaction: An Interdisciplinary Discussion about Medical Errors" by Prof. Annegret Hannawa.

Prof. Peter Schulz and Prof. Annegret Hannawa have been invited as as discussants on an extended session panel at ICA in Phoenix in May 2012 entitled "Key Themes, Debates, and Conversations in Health Communication Theory, Research, and Application: Engaging Diverse Worldviews in Dialogue". Prof. Hannawa is presenting a paper at ICA (in the health communication division) entitled ""Explicitly Implicit": Examining the Importance of Physician Nonverbal Involvement during Error Disclosures".

The paper "Preventing smoking behaviors in adolescents: perceptions of parent-child communication about  tobacco use in Ticino" by Francesca Scalici got accepted for oral presentation at COMET conference in Trondheim in June 2012 and at ECREA in October 2012 in Istanbul. The paper has been accepted for a poster presentation at ICBM (12th International Congress of Behavioral Medicine) Budapest, August - September 2012.

 "A diagnostic tool for the retrospective analysis of critical events" by Prof. Annegret Hannawa has been accepted as a Poster Display" at  ISQua's 29th International Conference, Geneva, October 2012.